Our Story

The Community Spirit Drumming program was started by Eamon Carrick from Claddagh, Galway in 2011.

Eamon has always loved Rhythm and Drumming. He conducted research in relation to music therapy while studying for his Hons Degree in Social Studies & Social Care back in 2007.

“There is more to it than just drumming for me. It’s not about being the loudest, fastest or greatest drummer in the group. For me it’s about taking part (participation) – Having fun – Meeting new people – Making friends – Learning various beats and rhythms – Socializing – Chatting over a cuppa – Getting involved – Singing & Chanting – Dancing – Putting the rhythms together and experiencing the magic.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower participants in the learning of drumming, dancing and playing various percussion instruments, and encourage expression of the true self without criticism. Our purpose is to provide a social space in the community for people to come together and enjoy the magic of the drum circle. The Community Spirit Drumming is guiding by principles such as; Participation, Inclusion, Equality, Encouragement, Respect, Individualism and work as part of a team.

Client Testimonials

Was my first time attending a drumming class/circle & I had so much fun!!! Eamon is a good teacher. Found it easy to follow his instruction, he let us just rip & have fun. We even sounded good for a bunch of random strangers coming together through the love of the drum. Will definitely do it again & I highly recommend it to anyone even if you’ve never touched a drum in your life.


Excellent workshop.  I found it very enjoyable.  The time flew, which is testament to the good time I was having.


Brilliant! Loved it! Thank you.


Great craic!  Mighty Buzz!  🙂 Happy group!


Great was to release some tension.  Thanks again.


Great, really enjoyed it.  Relaxing yet uplifting.  Good for group to get together.  Definitely play again.


Amazing experience.  Definitely joining the class on Thursday.  Highly recommend to any group or business.


loved the back-story of your idea developing.  Very inspirational.  Love the community focus and really enjoyed the positive energy in the room.


Amazing.  Thank you.  Drumming session very healing and great for groups.  🙂


Really enjoyed the workshop.  Very energizing for integrating.  You pitch it to perfect level with simple yet powerful rhythm.  Well done!  keep going.


Really enjoyed the workshop.  A great way to relax people and get them out of their heads and all the crap thats in there.  A longer session would have been better.


Loved it.  Always wanted to do it.  Really inspiring.  And want to keep it up.

Thanks a mill.




Really enjoyed it and it lifted a headache.  Wouldn’t hesitate to speak highly – recommend.


Really enjoyed the whole experience.  It was amazing to feel the beats and see everyone working together.


Had a great time.  loved the drumming experience (closet drummer in the making).  Ideal for Hen/Stag night too!


uplifting, energetic and really great experience.  fair play!


Excellent! Thank you so much for the therapy – utterly exhilarating.


I found the experience really inspirational. I feel full of energy and ambition. It was like an exhilarating confidence boost. Thank you…


Contact Info

  • +353 86 232 3938
  • eamon@communityspiritdrumming.ie
  • http://communityspiritdrumming.ie
  • The Dominican Hall

  • Group Drumming Sessions & Team Building Events